The easy and intuitive app to control your PHilips Hue lights

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HueZapper is designed to be the most intuitive app to switch on and off and adjust your smart lights. It was initially created by a passionate developer as a project for personal use.

HueZapper iPhone app

A remote control for your lights

Forget complicated interfaces that require navigating through several screens to find the light you want to turn on or off: with HueZapper your iPhone or iPad becomes a remote control surface where buttons and sliders allow instant access to your lights.

Better yet, you can customize it to suit your preferences and needs. Organize your lights into zones and rearrange them as it makes most sense for you.

Easily capture current light settings as a scene that can be recalled at any time at the tap of a button. Assign names and custom icons to scenes to find them in the blink of an eye.


Version 3.0 just released on the App Store

  • Multi location: You can now use HueZapper in different places. If have Hue lights in a second home or office and for other cases where you need to control multiple bridges, just define additional "locations". The app can even automatically switch among locations.
  • Guest mode: allow others to use the (free) app to control your lights. Great for guests or family members. You decide which zones they can access and they will not be able to change the configuration.
  • Improved auto-configuration and zone management: you can now pick the zones you want to import from the bridge. And when you remove a zone from HueZapper, you can opt to leave it in the bridge.

New in version 2.6

  • Master controls: get an overview of all zones and toggle them on/off with a single touch. Create master scenes that apply to all your lights at once.
  • App icon shortcuts: recall master scenes and turn all lights off from the iPhone/iPad home screen.
  • Much faster bridge connection and continuous light state update.
  • Smart dimming can be disabled, if you prefer.

New in version 2.5

  • You can now create unlimited lights and scenes buttons!
  • New pop-up zone selector.
  • Support for native zones for greater compatibility with other apps.
  • Linked Lights are now more flexible.



You can be up and running in seconds, thanks to the auto-configuration feature that will set up the app using information contained in the bridge. Of course, you can review and tweak the configuration at any time.

Smart dimming

When you adjust the brightness of lights set to a white tone, the color temperature will automatically be shifted accordingly. Lights will become warmer (more yellow-orange) as they are dimmed and cooler (more bluish) as they go brighter. This looks and feels like a traditional incandescent lamp.

color conntrols
One-touch scenes

You need just one tap to capture the current light settings into a scene. A new scene button will appear on your remote and you can recall that scene at any time with just another tap on the button. If you make adjustments to the scene lights, force-press the scene button and its settings are updated.

linked lights
Linked lights

Define "linked lights" sets, so multiple lights can be controlled together, as if they were wired to the same switch. This is ideal for situations like lamps along a corridor or a set of recessed downlights on your ceiling. The lights you link are represented by a single light button in the remote control interface.

linked lights